I had wanted to use smoke for a while but was unsure of the best way to combine it with an object.

When I found this bottle I thought it would work quite nicely as its compliments its translucency.

I filled the bottle and studio with smoke for one shot then lit the bottle smoke free with a mixture of

flash and painted light.


drwm design

I met a young designer while at a function one night. We started talking and he told me about his

designs and collections. By the end of the conversation we had agreed to meet and discuss shooting

his latest pieces.

These are the results of the commission.

mini cityscapes

Myself and my colleague work together on certain ad jobs along with idea tests.

He had the idea of recreating miniature cityscapes out of metal blocks.

To give it more visual impact we shot from a distance and moved around to create an almost birds eye view.


exploding balloons

These balloons were an element to a strongbow ad campaign. We needed to capture liquid as if it were

exploding out of an apple. We worked out that by filling balloons with water and strongbow cider and

then shooting them with an air rifle we would  get enough elements to work with.

By using hi speed flash with a sound trigger we were able to completely freeze the explosion just as the

pellet had pierced the balloon.